Fasting cure

Fasting means detoxifying and purifying, cleaning the body of all pollutants.

The fasting cure at VitalHotel Ascona is managed according to “Buchinger” and is organized according to the following procedure:

  • On the day of arrival or at the latest on the next day, our experienced fasting guides inform you in detail about the course of your fasting cure
  • After the day of arrival there will be a day of relief – Bircher muesli and raw food plate await you
  • In order to lead away you get ‘Glauber’ salt and every day a liver pack to support the purification
  • a lot of exercise and a lot of drinking is mandatory during a fasting cure
  • two days of build-up in which your body is set back to solid food, are at the end of a cure

The VitalHotel Ascona is not a fasting clinic! We offer fasting for healthy people throughout the year, which is why you often have to do the treatment individually. Supervision by trained staff and a regular range of activities from aqua gymnastics, back exercises, Nordic walking etc. are offered. We are happy to advise you in detail, and also tell you with pleasure, at which time already fasting guests are booked.

If you prefer to detoxify in the group, we recommend our fasting or Basenfasten seminar with Mr. Heumeyer – more informations you find here:

Who would like to carry out a fasting cure with us, requires from the family doctor a safety certificate. Heart and circulation must be healthy.
Alternatively, please sign us a disclaimer.

Find out about the fasting cure with our brochure.

One week starting from Euro 721,00

Two weeks starting from Euro 1365,00

  • incl. fasting food & fasting drinks
  • incl. mineral water & tea station on the room
  • incl. indroduction & activ program

The prices depends on occupancy of the hotel at the time you book and on times of season!

Three weeks or another length of stay please ask individually.

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