Schroth Cure

For many years the VitalHotel Ascona offers the original Schroth cure after Johann Schroth. Many Schroth cure guests know this cure from Oberstaufen (Bavarian), but shy the long drive and are glad that this cure is also offered in northern Germany.

The Schroth cure is primarily about the detoxification and purification of the body. This is achieved by three components of the Schroth cure:

  • Schroth packs – in the morning from seven o’clock you will be wrapped up in a cold / warm wrap after a tea and sweat up. Many pollutants are eliminated in the body. In this pack, you are about 1 1/2 hours. For security, you will receive a bell in the hand to call if necessary, which is why we are limited by the choice of rooms on our Schroth Cure floor (main building – 1st floor)
  • Schroth spa catering – the food is protein-free and salt-free. Potato dishes, plum soup, steamed carrots are e.g. Part of the food. Instead of salt, we offer different herbs to get enough flavor of the food
  • Schroth cure bevarage  – are mineral water, herbal tea or a Schroth cure wine. The amount of liquid per day is fixed and should not be exceeded – even here and there a Schrothkur spirits is included in the cure. There are dry and drinking days, on dry days, in fact, nothing should be drunk …

Who wants to perform a Schroth cure with us, should be physically fit, we have to be certified before the start of the cure by a certificate of your family doctor. Heart and circulation must be healthy.

Find out more in detail in our Schroth cure information, or call you like …

One week starting from Euro 826,00

Two weeks starting from Euro 1596,00

  • incl. Schroth cure meals & beverages
  • incl. of five Schroth packs per week
  • incl. indroduction & active programm

The prices depends on occupancy of the hotel at the time you book and on times of season!

Please book by phone, while we don’t offer many Schroth cures at the same time.

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