Reduction diet, Food combining diet
Lactose & gluten-free dishes

Reduction diet

In addition to treatments for detoxification and purification of the body such as Schroth cure or fasting, we also offer classic and simple ways of weight loss. FDH (take only half of everything to you) probably knows everyone and has probably practiced it even at home.

It is not always easy to find a simple start to a diet change. The VitalHotel Ascona offers just that … Over any period of time you can choose our most commonly used diet, the reduction diet. Here we decide with you how much calories we can serve you per day and how much reduction makes sense for you -1000 or 1200 calories. For a package of seven nights or more, even the mineral water and a tea station in the room are included in the price. After the intensive introductory discussions, we help you to leave “old habits” behind and you find the optimal start in your diet. Of course, the particularly lovingly prepared and tastefully balanced dishes help.

Gain quality of life and do something for your health, of course, the “strong will” may not be missing.


Information for diabetics:
The reduction diet and also the Almased Vital week (s) are very well suited for diabetics. In addition to the regular self-monitoring of blood sugar and uric acid levels, keeping a journal and regular exercise, a balanced diet is the key to successful diabetes treatment.

At the VitalHotel Ascona, we help you to balance your balanced diet while you are on holiday and can respond flexibly to your needs.

One week starting from Euro 756,00 per Person / double room
Single room +  Euro 15,00 per day

Two weeks starting from Euro 1456,00 per person /double room
Singel room + Euro 15,00 per day

  • incl. reduction food
  • incl. mineral water & tea station on the room
  • incl. indroduction & activ program

The prices depends on occupancy of the hotel at the time you book and on times of season!

Three weeks or another length of stay please ask individually.


Vary in the reduction diet and take instead of the planned meal in the morning and / or in the evening an Almased shake of your choice to …. You will be amazed at the revitalizing, saturating effect …


Food combining diet

Food combining diet is a gentle way of weight loss without “waiver”. How it works? Quite simply: carbohydrates and proteins in food intake should not be taken at the same time. Morning, e.g. a roll with raw ham, a salad with turkey breast at lunchtime, a yogurt with fruit in the evening.

As with all diets, here too, will and consequence are very important for celebrating success. The food combining diet is a long-term diet. You are welcome to get to know us and start with us, or you can continue your home-grown diet during your vacation.

Our kitchen management will be happy to discuss with you on site your very own personal diet – Plan!

Lactose & gluten free food

Intensified by environmental pollution, more and more people suffer from different allergies.

Would you like to go on vacation calmly and not have to worry about whether your allergies are taken into account? We at the VitalHotel Ascona in the Lüneburg Heath want to offer you a relaxing holiday and adjust your menu according to your needs. Gluten- and lactose-free dishes – no problem for us. Please inform us of your incompatibility when booking or at least two days before arrival and we will ensure that – as far as possible – all the products you require are available during your stay.

We are happy to sit down with you even after arrival and create you, if necessary, your very own catering plan.

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