Medical treatments & physiotherapy

Medical treatments

In our classic bathing department, a variety of medical treatments are possible.

  •     Back & whole massages
  •     Hot air and fango packs in advance
  •     mud packs
  •     exercises
  •     lymphatic drainage
  •     and much more…

Even without a prescription by a doctor, you will find in our cosmetics and bathing department list ready-made “mini cures” – several massages with fango, baths or foot reflex massages at a reduced price, just have a look at our price list…

Any questions? Just call us, we will gladly advise you by e-mail or phone …


Your spa stay at VitalHotel Ascona can also be accompanied by professional physiotherapy.

A trained physiotherapist can come to the hotel if necessary and treat you in our physiotherapy room.

For different physiotherapy exercises of the entire musculoskeletal system but a prescription of a doctor is needed. Please submit this to us a few weeks before arrival, so that we can make appointments with the therapist early. Unfortunately, there can sometimes be a shortage of appointments at short notice.

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